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In the week three workshop of uni, we went through the design part of the blog. This was interesting, however on the Mac computers I found it a little confusing. Fortunately, once I started working on it at home, it was quite straight forward. However, the biggest issue I have had is uploading and linking word documents to my Blog. I have been trying with no luck since Thursday the 21st to upload word documents. It had been quite distressing, as I had planned on uploading a variety of unit samples and lesson plans for viewers to see. I even changed my files to pdfs!

I believe that the image and video links are easy to navigate, however the media link has been my biggest nightmare. I hope that there is some way of preventing these technical issues in the future.

If any one has had the same issue, just leave a comment, so I know that I am not alone on this. Also if anyone knows another way of adding a word document besides the standard word press instructions, please leave a note.




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This workshop titled “Digital documents”was extremely interesting and I gained quite a lot from it. First of all the three presenters for this week, Sarah, Megan and Lisa introduced us to a valuable program called ArtRage. This is a program which allows students to create artwork using paint, crayon, pencil etc on the computer. The sample lesson which the girls illustrated, involved students using Artrage to design a t-shirt logo for Red Nose day. We all had a go. The results were realistic pictures that look as though they have been painted with a real paint brush. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
 I also learnt how to convert a .jpg to a PDF file. I have never tried this before, so it is a useful skill that I now have.

Thank you to the week 4 presenters.


Here is an example of my art design using ArtRage. We did not have a lot of time to do this, so the design is not flash. However I thought I’d include an example so viewers can see how realistic the pictures created in ArtRage look.

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Sweet haven

This Tutorial consisted of us using a digital camera, iPhoto program and lollies. Basically, we took photos of lollies in various arrangements and then uploaded them to our computer. I learnt the skills to manipulate the digital photos using iPhoto. For example I enhanced the colour, changed the colours of my photos and even learnt to crop. These are all newly acquired skills that I did not have prior to this tutorial.

I now would be able to introduce this activity with students, whereby I could see that Students would quite enjoy using digital cameras and manipulating photos. This is definitely an activity that I will be using with my students.

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On Tuesday the 29th of July, I had my first lecture and tutorial in the unit EDTS100. The tutorial consisted of becoming familiar with Mac computes and learning the shortcuts, as well as being introduced to programs such as word press. Prior to this tutorial I had not used Mac computers; therefore I felt a little apprehensive when having heard that we would be using them throughout the semester. However when walking out of the tutorial that night, my apprehension about using Mac computers converted to excitement and I had a sense of hope that I can develop skills to be able to try various types of technology, which will benefit both me and the students that I educate.

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This is a picture of myself and my partner Michael, who I have known for 6 years

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Welcome to my Blog





Welcome to my Blog

My name is Rosemary Louisa Mammone and I am currently in my 4th year of a primary education degree at the Australian Catholic University. I have constructed a blog for the current ICT unit which I am completing for my education degree. I will be participating in this unit, which will hopefully allow me to gain knowledge and skills within the ICT domain. I will also be exposed to a variety of ICT resources in this unit that will be useful in an educational context, which I will share with you all. As well as ICT resources, I also have lesson plans and other material available for you all to view as you wish.


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Hello to all my fellow blogers,

I am currently completing a university unit in ICT and to be totally honest, I have been quite skeptical of it. I would say that I am a little apprehensive when it comes to using technology such as a blog.

However today I have made a tiny step forward.  I was able to change my blog name, which now contains my given name and Surname, where prior to this it just contained my initials. Although it was something simple, it has motivated me and allowed me to have confidence to now go on and construct my web pages.

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