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My experience with computers

I am pleased to say that this blog has helped me build up a variety of computer technology skills that I did not have prior to taking part in the unit -Information Technology and  Classroom(EDTS 100) Not only have I been introduced to a range of multimedia and computer resources, however I have been challenged. Yesterday, I wanted to place a video recording in my Blog, however as most of you would be aware, you have to either pay a fee or upload the video to You-tube.  I found the option of You Tube more feasible, so I had to create a You-tube account, provide details and upload the recording to You tube. I then waited for it to upload which took around nine hours and I then pasted the URL into my blog it was as simple as that! It was simple, however if it were not for this unit or blog, I would not have thought to do this. I have to admit to being a little proud with myself to be able to think outside of my comfort zone. I am learning more and more about technology everyday and in turn I am becoming confident. This will definitely benefit me when integrating computer technology in the classroom.


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Authoring multimedia



In my week 8 tutorial of EDTS100, we had a presentation on using multimedia. Basically multimedia refers to the use of a combination of multiple media types, including text, graphics, animation, audio and video (definition from week  8 Handout, 2008).

In this presentation we looked at Fireworks, the multimedia software that has been developed by adobe systems. We designed a short animated presentation on Japan. We used images and animation and it looked quite effective. I found Fireworks to be quite interesting, as I believe that students would be quite engaged when using this software to create presentations. I had not used this software with children before, however this program has encouraged me to use this with my students. However, it does need to be said that I should develop better skills myself, so when I introduce this system to students they see that I am confident in using the program, which will in turn encourage them. Furthermore, I believe it could be an effective tool in helping unmotivated students to become motivated in the classroom.

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 To be quite honest, prior to taking this ICT unit I was always a little skeptical about using spreadsheets such as excel. My boyfriend is a civil engineer and he uses excel frequently and has always tried to encourage me to use it. Whenever he has tried to explain it in the past, he has simply used a lot of jargon that went over my head.  

However in my tutorial the presenters went through data bases and spreadsheets. Basically our task for the tutorial was to use the great data base “Kids National Geographic” and find information on various dinosaurs. We then were taught how to transfer and sort this information in various categories using excel. This “Hands on data” tutorial has effectively taught me how to transfer data form databases quite easily into excel. I now also know how to copy or insert the spreadsheet into a PowerPoint or word document and how to add colour and visual effects to the spreadsheet, which is very useful. I feel that as teachers we need to look beyond the idea that spreadsheets and data being something predominately used in mathematics. As you can see, the task that we completed quite easily falls under science and English. So if you are a person that most typically thinks of sorting data as a math activity or as being difficult, I have now hopefully illustrated that hands on data can be integrated in any KLA and can be fun and simple.

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I was extremely impressed with the tutorial on E- books, as although I have heard about E-books and I was some what familiar, I now have a greater understanding. I basically knew that E-books were a digital version of a paper book which can include multimedia. However in my tutorial we discovered how to easily construct our own E- book. Basically you can construct your own electronic book through the tool of PowerPoint.

The lesson idea that the presenters illustrated was providing a story such as little red riding hood and then allowing students to construct their own ending using PowerPoint and various multimedia. Obviously the skills of using PowerPoint and incorporating multimedia would be taught to students before they construct the ending of their own E-book. Many individuals in our tutorial changed the ending of little red riding hood as the wolf being the nice character. They used many skills such as  inserting pictures of a wolf and having sounds.I am very impressed and I feel quite confident to use this lesson idea with my students in the future and recommend other teachers to use E-BOOKS .I feel that this may even be a great strategy to use with students who may not be the most enthusiastic students when it comes to reading, as it incorporates ICT and visual stimuli whilst being centered on literacy. Great tool!

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In the week three workshop of uni, we went through the design part of the blog. This was interesting, however on the Mac computers I found it a little confusing. Fortunately, once I started working on it at home, it was quite straight forward. However, the biggest issue I have had is uploading and linking word documents to my Blog. I have been trying with no luck since Thursday the 21st to upload word documents. It had been quite distressing, as I had planned on uploading a variety of unit samples and lesson plans for viewers to see. I even changed my files to pdfs!

I believe that the image and video links are easy to navigate, however the media link has been my biggest nightmare. I hope that there is some way of preventing these technical issues in the future.

If any one has had the same issue, just leave a comment, so I know that I am not alone on this. Also if anyone knows another way of adding a word document besides the standard word press instructions, please leave a note.



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This workshop titled “Digital documents”was extremely interesting and I gained quite a lot from it. First of all the three presenters for this week, Sarah, Megan and Lisa introduced us to a valuable program called ArtRage. This is a program which allows students to create artwork using paint, crayon, pencil etc on the computer. The sample lesson which the girls illustrated, involved students using Artrage to design a t-shirt logo for Red Nose day. We all had a go. The results were realistic pictures that look as though they have been painted with a real paint brush. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
 I also learnt how to convert a .jpg to a PDF file. I have never tried this before, so it is a useful skill that I now have.

Thank you to the week 4 presenters.


Here is an example of my art design using ArtRage. We did not have a lot of time to do this, so the design is not flash. However I thought I’d include an example so viewers can see how realistic the pictures created in ArtRage look.

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Sweet haven

This Tutorial consisted of us using a digital camera, iPhoto program and lollies. Basically, we took photos of lollies in various arrangements and then uploaded them to our computer. I learnt the skills to manipulate the digital photos using iPhoto. For example I enhanced the colour, changed the colours of my photos and even learnt to crop. These are all newly acquired skills that I did not have prior to this tutorial.

I now would be able to introduce this activity with students, whereby I could see that Students would quite enjoy using digital cameras and manipulating photos. This is definitely an activity that I will be using with my students.

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